Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Thirsty Thursday

Hye guys and girls,

I woke up early in the morning today. I just wanna make sure that I can snatch a piece of enjoyable moments or maybe grab some smile and laughter before they get busy with their study and work with my family while some of them ironing their uniform, when my parents having their breakfast and while Shahir enjoy playing that fucking stupid PS at 0630. hak3.

Approximately 0700; with a glass of hot milo, I went outside to inhale some unpolluted oxygen of the day, to let the green of the earth dance after my eye balls, to let the coldness of the morning air fondle and touch my skin and I just love the lullaby sang by the birds. It was raining. The low temperature forced me to stay inside my comforter on the cushy sofa. A bit confused plus lonely. But....I've to jump into the real world. I just wanna vanquish all those problems, delete it from my internal hard brain, let it diminish little by little, destroy it from the entire mind, vanish it from my memory box..hak3 its all because of the valediction..its owhkay!! forget bout it.

I let my imagination control my mind and let all those sweet and bad memories stir in my head. Thinking of some valuable and precious treasures that I've own all this while. My beloved family will be always in my heart no matter what. There is no one in this entire world can stand proudly above my family. Never!!

My Family

Then, I smile; to have some great friends here and there. Albam-bam is a gift from God. It is the best present that I don't want to loss. Some of us said that we are meant to be together for a long period of time, some of them said that the bond that we formed is the star of eternity and some said that we are like siblings. That's are all people's opinion. When it comes to opinion, there is no right and wrong. It just an opinion!!lalalala Albam-bam is great. But sometimes, the small and simple things may invite a great fight . hak3. But its just a stupid misunderstanding. As a wise man, we are capable to think and to differentiate between positive and negative. We know that our friends will never change or transform to an impious daemon because they are the angel of ours kan????


Zuppppp Albam-bam memories fly away from my memory box. In a nick of time, I think bout Nottingham stuff. Bout friends, study, exam, result, environment, UK, accommodation and so many things. From the simple stuff to the most complex problem. I miss my friends there. They are extremely great, supportive and never let me, myself drown in the lake of tribulation. When the hard times arise, they bring me to inhale the air of tranquility. They are like Albam-bams. Pretty much like albam-bam. Love to have so many friends. Friends are like balloons and shoulders!!weeee.

Nottingham's Friends

Then, I just think bout my result. My result came out already. It was owhkay. Quite satisfactory. Can see quite a number of A's thank God. Alhamdulillah. Suddenly a tiny droplet smash the dry cheek of mine. I am so grateful to see that result. My expectation was not really high. Now, I can continue with my sponsorship. Hoooray!! I was expecting something worse because there were so many unpredictable incidents and problems occurred some days before the grand finale. At last, I can prove to myself and my friends and my family too that, some big problem will never be an obstacle for me to achieve what am I aiming for. Whatever maybe, let it be.....

My University, University of Nottingham (B.Eng Chemical & Environmental Engineering)

Then I watch a movie entitled, "Lean On Me". Interesting, brilliant, implausible and it was a good story. It was about someone who can can bring a great change in somebody else, someone who can be an important person in somebody's life, someone who can make other people to think and to sacrifice. To make a great scarification, we have to let go some important stuff. I just love that story. It touched my heart, it knocked the door of my soul. Now I have realized what this quotation means,"To the world, you maybe a person; but to a person, you maybe the world" I found the the meanings behind this dozen of words. lalalalalala

Finished my Milo, finished my movie and now is the time to grab a favorite small wooden chair and sit on it. Lets the radio do its job. Lets the music conquer my mind and my world. fuhh thank God, the music and songs today were so fine. "Taking Back My Love" by Enrique was on air. hehehe "Because of You" by Ne-yo and "You Are Not Alone" by M.Jackson too. Hak3 overall, I just wanna give the thumbs up to the for making my day. hu2....

And now, lets play with the keyboard! hak3 its time to on-line. I love to on-line he3. Actually I just wanna check out my outlook, my email, my facebook, and my blog. weeee. I let my fingertips dance on the square black press-able thing, to form some words to make some sentences and to create some paragraphs that looks like an essay. I write anything that come in my mind. I love to write, to read and to listen. hak3. Then, figured out something new on the homepage of the facebook, said Hi to some friends and reply all the comments that decorated my wall since the last 12 hours. Updated my photo comments and notes, play some on-line game and suddenly...

Buzz!! Incoming message from my ym.....
"owwwwwwhhhhh. Dier nie rupenye.."
I just say Hi back, typed a couple line of sentence than....I have no idea!!

I just lay on the sofa, thinking bout today.

Muhamad Safwan Pevensie